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Pure Sales Email Productivity

ToutApp seamlessly fits into Gmail, Outlook, Salesforce and more so that you can:
  • Suggest meeting times from your calendar
  • Easily share trackable presentations and documents
  • Set reminders for following up
  • Schedule delivery for the most opportune time
  • And, track what happens after you hit "Send"

Email, Web & Presentation Tracking

Ever wonder what happens after you hit that "Send" button? Now you don't have to.
  • Track when emails are opened
  • Links are clicked
  • Your leads visit your corporate website
  • And even when your presentation/documents are viewed

Dynamic Email Templates

ToutApp's intelligent email templates can help you write your emails faster and measure what kind of messaging closes deals.
  • Dynamic Personalization with live data pulled in from CRMs
  • Automatic file attachments
  • Automatic follow-ups
  • Real-Time tracking on performance

Intelligently Follow Up

Following up is the key to winning deals. Now with ToutApp, following up has never been easier:
  • Get reminded to follow up on specific emails
  • Set up automatic follow ups using a templates
  • Uses Tout's real-time lead scoring to determine what to say when you do follow up

Team Sharing and Collaboration

ToutApp makes it super easy to share templates, best practices and analytics across your sales and marketing teams.
  • Gain hard data on what type of messaing drives results
  • Do A/B testing across the team on different sales messaging
  • Train new-hires quickly with an easily accessible template library
  • Increase collaboration and communication across the team

Reports & Analytics for Reps and Managers

ToutApp constantly processes email, enagement and CRM data to produce real-time reports including:
  • Team-wide analytics highlighting the best performing content
  • Lead-level predictive analytics highlighting which deals likely to close or deals at risk
  • Rep-level analytics assessing effectiveness of conversations