The Unsubscribe folder

Your Unsubscribe folder is the simplest way to stop emails you don’t want. Just move unwanted messages to the Unsubscribe folder and Organizer takes care of the rest. It’s a satisfying way to simplify your inbox.

When you move an email to the Unsubscribe folder (or add the Unsubscribe label), Organizer notifies the sender that you want to be removed from their list. Until that process is completed, any new email from that sender will be automatically routed to your Unsubscribe folder.

You don’t have to answer any questions or remember your password. Once the email is in your Unsubscribe folder, you’re done!

Important tip: You might be tempted to move email from the Spam folder to your new Unsubscriber folder — in a word, don’t. Email in your Spam folder is exactly where it needs to be. The Unsubscribe folder is for email that has reached your inbox that you no longer want to receive. Anytime you move an email out of your Spam folder, your email service thinks it made a mistake and you do want to receive those emails, which is definitely not your intention. So, leave spam where it is and only use the Unsubscribe folder for emails in your inbox.