Streamlined customer support

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Customer support wasn't always this hard was it? Gmail was enough for a while, but now tickets are piling up. Emails are falling through the cracks. Using mark unread and labels to manage what's waiting is breaking down. You have to IM coworkers to see who's working on what. Of course, there's no way at all to find out how busy you are, what types of issues are most common or any other sort of useful support analytics.

That's why we built Snappy. It's designed to be a thin layer above your email that lets you have complete visibility into your support process without any extra burden. All the niceties of a help desk application, without all the extra features (and cost) you don't need.

Key Features

  • Slim UI
  • Instant setup
  • Complete support analytics
  • FAQs let you build self help for customers in minutes
  • API and webhooks
  • Simple assignment and categorization
  • App integrations (open source, add your own!)
  • Triggers to automate responses