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Intelligent email inbox for Exchange 2007 or later and IMAP email provider, such as Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, iCloud, and etc.

Feature Highlights

  • EXCHANGE. Support Exchange server 2007 or later.
  • DROPBOX. Save or attach the files from Dropbox.
  • BOX.NET. Save or attach the files from
  • LINKEDIN. . View contact's Linkedin profile and updates inside the inbox.
  • FACEBOOK. View contact's Facebook feeds inside the inbox.
  • TWITTER. View contact's Tweets from Twitter inside the inbox.
  • EVERNOTE. Save emails and its attachments to Evernote.
  • SEARCH and SORT. Search and sort by FROM, TO, DATE, SUBJECT and TAG.
  • iOS CALENDAR. Add the emails to iOS calendar event.
  • iOS REMINDER. Add the emails to "Later" and receive the reminder on the iPad.
  • IMAP FOLDERS. View all the folder from IMAP account.
  • GMAIL LABELS. View all the labels from Gmail account.
  • EMAIL TEMPLATES. Create email templates for mail merge.

Platform Support:
SnapinboxHD supports majority email providers including Exchange 2007 or later, Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud, AOL and all IMAP account.

Gesture Actions:
Swipe left to right: first it will be "Tag", then it will be "Deletion"
Swipe right to left: first it will be "Later", then it will be "Archive"