Right Inbox

Schedule emails in Gmail. Track message views and clicks. Set reminder for emails and follow up conversations.

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Schedule Email

You can now set a future send date for your emails. Right Inbox will automatically send your emails at the specified time. No need to worry about sending your emails in the future!

Any Date, Any Time

You are free to choose any date and time for your messages to be delivered. Do you prefer your emails to be sent the first thing in the morning? Automatic email send is at your disposal.

Email Reminders

Add a reminder to an email. Don’t lose track of important conversations. An excellent tool for a cleaner inbox. A proper way for interview follow up emails.

Email Tracking

Get notified instantly when your email is read. Stop worrying about whether your email has been sent successfully. You can also discover the recipient’s location as well.

Click Tracking

Read receipts are old-fashioned. In addition to know when the recipient opens your email, you will also notified when a link from your message is clicked.

Built for Gmail

A small browser extension is all you need. Right Inbox is lightweight and fast. Integrates seamlessly with Gmail and works with Google Apps, too!