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You Really Meant It When You Said Let's Keep In Touch

But you said the same thing to 30+ other people and you aren't using Relately YET. Here's how Relately helps (once you signup):

Actionable Relationship Scores

Finally! An actionable score you can use for each of your important relationships online.

The score is from 0-100. It's created and updated hourly based on how recently and valuably you've interacted with the awesome people you want to keep in touch with.

Intelligent Reminders

Reminders based on your conversations.

Calendar-based reminders don't take into account if you're staying in touch or not. Relately's smart enough to remind you before you fall out of touch and not based on a random date.

Automatic Interaction Tracking

Spend your time growing your business instead of logging conversations.

Relately shows you your recent interactions on social media and Gmail, as well as what the interaction was. Quickly see how you interact online with each person: liked a post, sent you an email, commented, and more.