Goodbye, relationship management. Hello, relationship intelligence.

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We Do the Boring Stuff Better

Automatically capture communications data pulled from email systems, smartphone calls, calendars, and social networks.

  • Clean contacts are merged across address books, creating a source of reliable contact info
  • Complete data is captured automatically as your team works, eliminating gaps in your records
  • Automatic assistance (like follow-ups and email tracking) so you never drop the ball

Teamwork Becomes Less Taxing

Assign follow-ups, tag your colleagues in comments, and share interactions with your team in three real-time tabs.

  • Automated stream of emails, calls, meetings, and more
  • Custom spreadsheet that lets you edit relationship data
  • Dynamic reporting with drill-down and sorting capabilities

Five Minutes to Metrics

Your team will be up and running in a flash with our intuitive interface.

  • Easy customization of your process to match your workflow
  • Conversion rates and other key metrics calculated with one click
  • Real-time reporting based on accurate data

Safe & Secure Above All

Industry best practices and customizable sharing settings maximize privacy and security enterprise-wide.

  • Encryption standards (AES 256) in transit and at rest
  • Multiple backups and strict internal access controls
  • Strong protection against DDoS and MITM attacks