CRM that works seamlessly with Gmail

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RadiumCRM is the first CRM built exclusively for Gmail. It's a light, ultra-quick system to wipe out your tedious tasks and help you stay on top of your relationships.

We've built RadiumCRM to get you going quickly. Data entry is tedious; let us worry about it for you. Import your contacts from Gmail or CSV. Not only that but Radium will search the cloud for missing information and fill it in for you. No more typing out contact data by hand. All you need is an email address or name and company, we'll do the rest!

Automated workflow for faster deal closing RadiumCRM sales pipeline moves you forward fast, allowing you to easily see your next tasks.

Faster Deal Closing Create and update your deals right from your inbox and create a zen-like workflow.

Get the new Radium Chrome Extension Take Radium with you on the web with our Google Chrome extension. Clip contacts from Linkedin automatically or cut-and-paste info from anywhere; also track contacts and conversations directly from Gmail.

Send Later Sometimes its best to send your message later. Maybe you want your client to recieve the message first thing in the morning or perhaps you just want to load your queue for the week, we got you covered.

Email Templates Save time and build a library of your commonly-used emails template. You can even personalize the canned responses by leaving space for the clients name, company, etc.

Know when someone opens your email Get instant notification when your contact opens your email to better measure your engagement.

Reduce Data Entry! Radium takes the busy work out of of filling profile information for your contacts. When you add new contacts Radium we will find their social data and contact information from the cloud. It’s works like magic.