Update your favorite apps without leaving your inbox.

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Turn any email into action

Use Obindo to send your most important files, tasks, and ideas into your apps—where they belong.

Email Your Files to Box, Dropbox, and Google Drive

Use Obindo to forward any attachment into your favorite file-sharing service.

Specify the name of the folder in brackets in the subject line, and Obindo will route your files into the proper folder for you.

Schedule a Google Calendar Meeting Right From Email

Obindo can schedule meetings for you!

Just cc Obindo on any message and specify the day and time in the subject line (e.g. "Product Meeting this Thursday at 4pm"). Obindo will create that event in Google Calendar for you automatically, and send out calendar invites to anyone who is copied on that message.

Email Messages and Files Directly to LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yammer

Forward a note to Obindo and it will post that note to your favorite social media and collaboration apps. Photos and files can be posted as well!

Use Obindo to Send Email to Your Favorite App

The Obindo platform is highly-extensible.

Visit the apps section of our website to see the ever-growing list of apps the platform supports, from Asana to Yammer and everything in-between.

Developers—please contact us to learn about how you can use Obindo with your app!