New in Organizer: Introducing the Dashboard

Here are OtherInbox we are always looking at ways to make your email life even easier. With the latest update we have introduced a new tab in Organizer for our Yahoo! users called the Dashboard. The Dashboard Like the Daily Digest the Dashboard groups your emails into categories, like Offers, Shipping Notices,  Social Updates and Travel etc. Catgories

Looking for a special offer? Need to find that confirmation code in a hurry? Keeping up with your busy social life? then the Dashboard is your new best friend!

The Dashboard also has “Quick click” links, which take you directly into the action without having to open the email first. Got a friend request? Just click on “Accept” from the dashboard to jump directly to Facebook. QuickClicks To take a look at your own email Dashboard just click on Automatic Organizer in the list of applications inside Yahoo! mail. Automatic Organizer Don’t be shy about letting us know what you think or what else we can do to improve your Organizer experience. Simply drop us an email at, tweet us on Twitter or post up on Facebook!