Stop giving away your real email online by creating disposable email addresses with MaskMe.

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Now you never have to give out your real email address on the web again. MaskMe creates unique, disposable email addresses on the fly. Enjoy all the web without being forced to surrender your email address in exchange.

The Details:

  • Every time you encounter a website asking for your email, MaskMe will spring into action.
  • Choose to give out your real email, or use a Masked Email that is created on the spot.
  • Masked Emails forward to your real inbox so you never miss important communication, but now you're in control and can banish spammers from your inbox with the click of a button.
  • Websites can't lose, share, or sell your email address, because they'll never have it.
  • Convenient, fast, & easy-to-use

Get ready for a faster, more private web with MaskMe. MaskMe is free to download and use with optional premium features including Masked Credit Cards, Masked Phones, and a mobile app.