A modern, fast web-mail client with user-friendly encryption and privacy features.

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Powerful search makes your pile of mail managable, whether you have just a few messages, thousands or even millions.

You can augment the built in search engine with tags or groups or go full hacker and write your own plugins.


Mailpile is designed to be fast and responsive, outperforming "the cloud" even on slow computers.

This is accomplished by using clever algorithms, disciplined code and understanding what today's computers are capable of.


Store your mail on devices you control, encrypt it and share or restrict access as you see fit.

You can even encrypt the local settings and search index so if your computer gets stolen, your mail stays secure.


OpenPGP signatures and encryption are part of Mailpile's core design, not an afterthought or plugin.

An intuitive, modern user interface makes strong security accessible to everyone.

No Ads

It's ironic that most web-mail solutions filter out spam, only to replace it with their own advertisements.

Mailpile is Free Software, funded by your donations. So it has no ads, period.

Self Hosted

Mailpile is a modern web-mail you run on your own computer.

You can host your install of mailpile on your laptop, desktop, Raspberry PI or a server in the cloud. Or put it on a USB stick and carry it in your pocket. It's your choice.