Love Your Emails

An iPhone app to filter and files e-mails in all languages.

Download Love Your Emails

Love Your Emails is an iPhone app that filters and files e-mails in all languages. You can unsubscribe safely in one click from newsletters and commercial e-mails. The best app for an uncluttered/legible mailbox, efficiency and time saved.

The Love Your Emails service allows you to have an organized mailbox and optimizes the reading of e-mails through the secure filtering of your e-mails.

Boxy, our robot that specializes in the filtering of mailboxes, files your e-mails continuously and independently into 4 categories (WITHIN YOUR MAILBOX):

  • Your legitimate e-mails
  • Low-priority e-mails (advertisements, newsletters…)
  • Social network notifications
  • Spam

The application allows configuring Boxy as well as how e-mails are viewed in the various folders created. Exclusive services in Love Your Emails:

  • Safe unsubscription in 1 click from commercials or newsletters sent to your e-mail address. Simply click and Boxy the robot will handle the rest for you (filling in a questionnaire, selecting options, etc). It’s simple and fast! This even protects you from possible inconveniences such as phishing attacks through corrupted links. (E.g.: infection by viruses)
  • Classification of advertisements / spam / social network notifications
  • Filtering regardless of the language used in the e-mails
  • Green list allowing e-mail addresses to be managed by declaring senders as “trusted senders”
  • Synchronization of services on all media (PC, smartphone, tablet)

Your sorted e-mails will be accessible from all the e-mail media and applications that you usually use: mailbox, computer, tablet, smartphone, etc.

The Love Your Emails service uses the filter engine developed by Vade Retro Technology, based on the Predictive Heuristic Filter technology. Love Your Emails is also a service that fights other e-mail-related threats: spam, phishing, viruses, scams and identity theft.