Inbox Pause

Take a break from email. Be Free.

Get Inbox Pause

For decades, your Inbox has been under the control of others, who have had the power to interrupt your flow and take over what you are doing.

Control when messages appear in your Inbox and when they don't. With Inbox Pause, you can put new messages on hold, making it so they won't appear in your Inbox until you want them.

How Inbox Pause works

  1. Inbox Pause adds a Pause button to your Gmail.
  2. When you click Pause, new messages will stop arriving in your Inbox.
    • They will be held in a special label until you are ready for them.
    • If you choose, Inbox Pause can notify the people who email you to let them know that their message will not be delivered to your Inbox.
  3. When you un-Pause your Inbox, all of the messages that you received during the break will be moved to your Inbox, and new messages will arrive as before.