Email at the speed of life

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Hop makes your email effortless and natural, just like real conversation.


Hop sorts your incoming mail into active conversations and everything else. Friends and colleagues stay in your line of sight, less-important emails stay in the background so you can focus on the messages that matter.


Hop runs email at the speed of instant messages. When you Hop, threads turn into back and forth, real-time conversations without all the old-school subject lines, signatures and faux-letter formality.

Groups. Where email becomes collaboration.

Hop gives you a brilliantly simple way to create powerful Groups for sharing and conversation-tracking. In seconds, you, your friends and colleagues can kick off a discussion that anyone can easily follow.

Everyone can hop

Anyone with email can effortlessly Hop into the discussion, no installation, sign up, or login required. Because it's really just email, everyone can participate!.

Easy on the eyes

Hop transforms eye-bleeding, text only inboxes into visuals you can act on at a glance. We replace addresses with faces. We deliver attachments open so you can see what's inside. The only thing you have to read is the message itself.


Hop has built-in tools for drawing, taking photos, making videos and recording audio, so it's easy to share right from the app.