Manage your inboxes and to-do lists all in one place. In a fraction of the time.

Get Handle

Email + to-dos. Together at last.

Handle is a simple, powerful web app that lets you manage all your Gmail inboxes, to-do lists, and reminders from one place. So you can process your email more efficiently, highlight your priorities instantly, and focus your effort on the right tasks at the right time.

Cut the clutter.

Handle lets you power through your email in a fraction of the time with its simple interface and intuitive keyboard shortcuts. A single tap is all it takes to delete a message, file one for future reference, prepare a reply – or even unsubscribe from a pesky mailing list.

Focus on what matters.

It’s your to-do list, made useful. With a tap or two, highlight important emails to deal with today, add new reminders to your list, or assign emails and tasks to a project. Handle keeps all of the things you need to get done together, organized, and visible. So you don’t ever lose track.