Heroic Gmail Salesforce Integration

Download Groove

Get your Salesforce intelligence in the right place at the right time.

Groove is unlike any Salesforce and Gmail/Google Calendar integration you have ever seen. It intelligently displays contextual data and tools from Salesforce in Gmail and is completely configurable to your business. Plus, you don't have to share your email activity or your Salesforce data with a 3rd party.

Here are few benefits of using Groove:

  • Instant context - Every time you open an email, you will see all the relevant CRM intelligence related to that person and company.
  • One click actions - You can create contacts with one click and Groove will populate all the fields based on the person's email signature.
  • Track all activities easily - You also no longer have to worry about manually logging email or calendar events in Salesforce!
  • Understand who is engaging with you - Groove will notify you the moment your emails are opened. Find out who’s engaging with your emails and reach out when the time is right.
  • Save time with email templates - Email Templates save you time. Now you can access all your personal and team Salesforce templates right from Gmail!
  • Optimize and improve - You will be able to easily see which templates are getting opened most and which prospects are your most active.

The configuration of Groove is centrally managed by your Salesforce admin and serves all your departments with profile specific views—so every user obtains only what's relevant to them.