Full Contact Card Reader

The easiest way to scan business cards into Google Contacts, iPhone Contacts, & 250+ other apps.

Download Full Contact Card Reader

Super-accurate transcription, so you have the information you need, when you need it.

With just a click, add business cards to your iPhone/Android Contacts, Salesforce, and more than 250 apps.


  • Simplicity

    Click once and you’re done
  • Export to Salesforce Leads or Contacts

  • Export contacts to phone, Google Contacts, & more

  • Supports Salesforce Custom Fields & Domains

  • Send business cards to all the apps you use

  • Salesforce ISV Certified

    Your data is secure
  • Accurate Transcription

    Real people, not computers
  • Consolidated Invoicing

    - One bill for your whole team
  • Offline Mode

    Capture cards anywhere
  • Premium Support