Clear your inbox. Put your email to work for you today. It's easy.


Clear your Inbox with Easy Email Reminders makes it easy to schedule email to appear when you need it, and stores messages when you don't. Keeping your inbox clear.

Create Easy Reminders on Any Device! let's you easily schedule reminders in existing emails from any device. Using simple terms, you can push emails into the future or set a reminder for your conversation to appear when you want.

Snooze Reminders with One Click

Keep your Inbox clear with easy, one click Snooze Links. Snooze Links allow you to quickly reschedule emails to appear in a few hours, days or weeks - Keeping your Inbox clutter free.

Work Productively in Gmail. Add FollowUp's Extension

Join 1000’s of users who have found how easy it is to use FollowUp in Gmail!

  • Keeps the Bcc field open for custom reminders
  • Allows reminders to be automatically sent for you
  • Bookmark pages for future reference with one click
  • Add Response Detection to automate the FollowUp Process

See Reminders in Your Existing Calendar

With FollowUp's simple calendar integration, it is a snap to see all of your reminders on your existing calendar system.

  • See reminders on Outlook, Google Calendar, Yahoo, etc.
  • Set alarms to appear in your existing calendar

Easy Salesforce Integration for Enterprise and Ultimate Users

Salesforce integration saves users from needing to log email activity and create follow ups. Set a FollowUp reminder in your outgoing email and FollowUp will create the contact (if they don't exist), attach your email to the record and set a native Sales Force Task to follow up. Salesforce integration works on any device, giving you the freedom to work anywhere.