Cirrus Insight

Respond to Customers Faster and Update Salesforce from Gmail.

Download Cirrus Insight

Lightning Fast, Single-Click Install

Quickly install Cirrus Insight with a single-click. You'll be saving emails to Salesforce from Gmail in seconds!

Automatically View Contextual Salesforce Information in Your Inbox

Instantly know who you’re talking with and the status of your customer relationship. As you open an email you'll immediately see a snapshot summary of the sender's records in Salesforce, including a summary of open and closed Opportunities and Cases.

Save Emails & Attachments to Salesforce with a Click

Never lose track of an important email again. Automatically relate emails to contact and account records using (the Quick Add button). Or use (the Add to Salesforce button) to specify exactly how you want the email to relate in Salesforce, even relating emails to custom fields and objects. You can even save attachments along with your emails including Google Drive Docs. Cirrus Insight will even automatically track and display which emails you've logged to Salesforce.

Effortlessly Sync Your Google & Salesforce Calendars

Now you and your team can automatically keep track of who you’ve met with. With Cirrus Insight all of your events are synced between Salesforce and Google. We're also the only solution that relates events to attendees' records in Salesforce. Not only do you have a record of your meetings but they are related to the people you've invited to them as well.

Sync your Salesforce Contacts with Google Apps

Now you can quickly and easily sync contacts from Salesforce to Google Contacts and your mobile devices! Users can specify groups of contacts in Salesforce to sync to Google. Then, Contacts synced from Salesforce will be organized according to the groups you’ve defined and make it easy to select which contacts you want to sync to your mobile device.