Message Finder 3 for iOS 7

A new version of Message Finder is now available! Message Finder is the easy way to find an email on your phone. Browse and search your Gmail,, Yahoo! and AOL accounts in one place. Find the right email, right away.

Beautifully Redesigned for iOS 7

Message Finder 3 began with a blank slate and a goal to make each feature a joy to use with iOS 7. Now it’s even easier to search, browse categories, view attachments, and see your favorites from any screen.

Browse Your Inbox

Message Finder gives you an organized view of your inbox. At a store and looking for the latest offer? Tap Shopping and find it in seconds. Need your boarding pass at the airport? Check Travel.

Just add your email accounts and Message Finder takes care of the rest. As new emails arrive, the app groups them into categories like Receipts and Social. It’s the email you want, when you want it.

 Search All of Your Accounts at Once

In addition, you can search across multiple accounts in one place! Search by subject, sender, or even the name of an attachment. Combine subject, sender, and filename searches however you like. You don’t even need to remember which account received the original email. It’s fast and easy.

If you want to narrow your results, choose a shorter timeframe, pick a specific email account, or only look for messages with attachments. Combine subject, sender, and filename searches however you like.


  • Access attachments easily
  • Forward and reply to messages
  • View your favorite companies and friends in one place
Download Message Finder