Get AWAY from your inbox — let urgent emails cut through the clutter and FIND you...instantly.

Get AwayFind

There are many ways to customize and re-organize your inbox, but they won’t solve the real problem. The real problem is spending 4 hours there. Your job is more than just email. With AwayFind, you can get away from your inbox and focus on what’s important.

The Emails You Need

There are important people and important topics in life that you can't miss. Get alerted to just these emails and save your attention for what matters. The rest can wait, rather than consume your whole day.

Works With Just a Click

AwayFind is seamlessly integrated into Gmail and Outlook, making it easy to manage alerts right within your email. So when email's on your mind (and your desktop), AwayFind's one click away.

Wherever You Are

You really can escape your inbox. AwayFind will find you no matter where you are or what device you have. Receive timely emails as SMS or Voice alerts around the globe, iPhone or Android alerts, Twitter DMs, and instant messages through AIM or Yahoo.